Regular Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your bounce house reservation up to 10 days before your event and receive a full refund.

You may cancel your bounce house reservation between 6-9 days before your event and receive a raincheck. With a raincheck, we will hold the deposit you paid. If you pre-paid the entire amount you'll receive a refund, less the deposit. You have one year to book another event with us and we'll apply the deposit to that event. If you do not re-book within 1 year your deposit is forfeited.

If you cancel your reservation within 5 days of your event your deposit is forfeited.

Weather Cancellation Policy
Since weather is often unpredictable we are a little more easy-going if you cancel because of inclement weather. You can cancel your reservation due to inclement weather up to 7am on the day of the event. We will call you in the morning to discuss the weather. We will not deliver your bounce house unless we hear from you. If you cancel due to inclement weather you will receive a rain check for your event. The rain check is good for one year.

As a safety precaution, if there are high winds (over 15 mph) or if it is actively raining or storming we reserve the right to cancel your order and you'll be issued a raincheck for your deposit. If the forecast is uncertain and it may, or may not rain then we will contact you to discuss your options. The bounce house can be used in light rain but we will not set up the unit if it is actively raining. The units do allow rain to enter from the outside. Please understand that if there is rain in the forecast and you still want the bounce house, we will only set up on concrete/asphalt (no grass, dirt, bark, rocks, etc). If the bounce house is wet at the time of pick-up, a $100.00 cleaning fee will be added to your reservation to cover the additional time to clean and dry out the bounce house. Additional cleaning fees may apply if the bounce house is muddy or excessively dirty. Once we arrive on-site we are unable to provide a refund, raincheck or credit.
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