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Frequently Asked Questions - Renting an Inflatable

Q: What measures are Bouncy Bounce implementing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?


A: We are taking several measures to ensure that we can provide a safe and fun inflatable for your children to enjoy while still following guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  All payments and contract signing must now be completed online.  Our units will continue to be thoroughly cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant on site during the setup process (Yes, we were doing this long before COVID-19). And our drivers will maintain social distancing whenever possible.  Please note that per the new state guidelines for Covid, our vaccinated drivers will no longer be wearing masks during deliveries and pickups. If you would like the driver to wear a mask, please let us know.


Q: Why should I rent from Bouncy Bounce?


A: We're glad you asked! There are 3 primary reasons why we offer you the best value.  First, our bounce houses are newer, offer the latest safety features, and are cleaned and sanitized before every use.  Second, our customer service is second to none. Third, we show up when we say we are going to show up.  Your event only happens once and starts at a certain time.  You simply cannot afford to hire a company that may, or may not, show up.   Avoid the surprises and rent from a trusted source--Bouncy Bounce. Don't just take our word for it, check out our 120+ Five Star reviews on Yelp!

Q: Does the price include delivery, setup and pickup?

A: Yes!  We will take care of everything for you.  


Q: How far in advance can I reserve my Bounce House or any other rental?


A: The earlier you can make your reservation the better your chance of getting the date and inflatable you want. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible, but we will always work with you even if it is a last-minute request. Last minute requests are subject to an additional fee.


Q: Can an inflatable fit in my yard?


A: We hope so! First, you will need to decide what suitable locations are available.  Find a relatively flat area on grass, concrete, or asphalt within 50 feet of a standard electrical outlet. We cannot setup the bounce house on rock/gravel, mulch, sand, mud, tanbark, or anything sharp.  Please note that we cannot set up wet units on dirt. The setup area should be sufficient size to fit the inflatable of your choice, including overhead space. Measurements for each unit are available on each individual product page.  Please measure the setup area prior to reserving your inflatable! There are no refunds if the unit does not fit at delivery.  Keep in mind that our bounce houses are at least 17 feet tall; do not forget to check for overhanging trees, power lines or other obstructions.  We also recommend allowing an additional 5 feet of space around the bounce house with an additional 10 feet of space in front of the house to give users enough room to enter the unit.


Q: Do I need to prepare anything for the bounce house or slide?


A: Yes.  You will need to clear all debris from the setup area and the path to it.  This includes any sharp objects, toys, lawn furniture, sticks, large and/or sharp rocks, hoses, sprinklers, lawn decorations and pet feces.   Please do not cut the grass at least 2 days prior to bounce house delivery to help keep our units clean.  



Q: Where can I have the Bounce houses or Slides setup?


A: A bounce house can be set up in many different places on your property. The surface must be mostly flat and relatively firm - grass, concrete, and asphalt are all acceptable. We will anchor the unit either by driving stakes into the ground or by using sandbags where stakes cannot be used. No stairs or steps can be along the pathway to the set-up location. You will be charged $25 per stair/step.  We cannot setup the bounce house on rock/gravel, mulch, sand, mud, tanbark, or anything sharp.  Please note that we cannot set up wet units on dirt.



Q: How does the driver get the inflatable to the setup area?


A: Our drivers use a heavy-duty dolly to move the inflatables from the truck to the setup area and back.  The inflatables weigh between 175-350 lbs. when dry and are rolled up to stand between 5-6 feet tall.  This means the inflatables CANNOT be lifted over obstacles of any kind.  The driver requires a clear 3-foot (36") relatively flat path to the setup area, free of obstructions and stairs.  No stairs or steps can be along the pathway to the set-up location without prior arrangements.  If the only access to your setup area is over stairs/steps or another obstacle, please contact us prior to placing your order.  Failure to make arrangements for stairs/steps or other obstacles prior to arrival may result in the driver's inability to safely deliver and setup the unit.  There are no refunds if the driver is unable to safely setup the unit due to lack of safe access to the setup area.  You will be subject to a $25 charge per stair/step if the driver deems the path safe despite the stairs/steps.  


Q: What should I expect on the day of the party? How does the process work?


A: First our driver will call or text when they are 10-15 minutes from arrival. The driver will deliver and set up the unit during a prearranged delivery window. The average delivery takes about 30-45 minutes. Please ensure that a clear path to the setup area is available and the setup area is clear of debris prior to the driver's arrival. Before and during setup the driver will discuss placement options for the unit. Once the unit is setup and secured, the driver will vacuum, clean and sanitize the unit. No other company cleans their units on site! We also perform a safety check of the unit while on site. We make sure to clean and inspect our bounce houses on site so our customers can have the peace of mind knowing that the bounce house is clean and safe for their guests.

Once the bounce house is cleaned and inspected, the driver will go over the Safety Rules, instructions on proper operation of the unit and the rental contract. Any outstanding balance is also due at this time. All balances must be paid in full before or at the time of delivery. The driver will confirm a pickup window and then it is party time!

 After the party, the driver will call or text 10-15 minutes prior to arrival. The driver will inspect the unit before deflating and rolling it up. No need for you to lift a finger, we will load up all rented equipment and be out of your way in about 30-45 minutes.


Q: My reservation is at 9am.  Will I receive the bounce house at this time?


A: Generally speaking, yes. We will make every possible effort to ensure you receive your bounce house at your requested time. However, we cannot guarantee it. We make numerous deliveries each day so delivery times will vary. We start deliveries as early as 7am and work until all our customers receive their jumpers. You will receive a call or text the day before your event to confirm the delivery window.

There are several factors outside of our control that will affect delivery times. For example, the distance between customer locations and the size of a particular order will impact the time it takes to complete each delivery. We are sometimes delayed because a customer is not ready for delivery--there may be trees in the way, dog poop on the ground, electrical issues, or dozens of other factors that may delay our delivery schedule.

It's important that you are ready for the delivery. Please have an adult onsite during the arranged delivery window and be sure the setup area is prepared.


Q: I only need my bounce house until 3pm. Will you pick it up at 3pm?


A: Pickups typically start around 4:00pm-5:00pm. The same factors listed above that affect delivery times will affect pick up times. Pick up times are not scheduled. If you need your bounce house picked up at an exact time, please contact us in advance for special arrangements. Additional fees may apply.  Otherwise the delivery driver will discuss the pickup window with you at delivery.  



Q: Do you deliver to parks?


A: No. Since most cities require permits and/or do not have a power souce to plug in the bounce house we are currently not offering delivery to parks.


Q: Are your bounce houses and toddler play yards clean?


A: Yes. Our delivery drivers fully clean and sanitize each unit during the setup process. That means you will actually see our drivers cleaning the units.  We use a non-toxic biodegradable all-purpose cleaner to clean the bounce house, followed by a purely botanical disinfectant spray.  We take pride in providing the cleanest and safest products possible.     


Q: What is the Bouncy Bounce's policy on inclement weather? 


A: Please review our Cancellation Policies page here. If the weather is not cooperating on the day of your reservation, we will be happy to work with you to reschedule your reservation with no cost or penalty. If you choose to cancel due to inclement weather, you must contact our office to cancel by 8:00am on the day of your event.  As a safety precaution, if it is actively raining or storming, we will not deliver or setup the unit. Once we arrive on-site, we will not be unable to provide any reimbursement or refund for bad weather. We will work with you the day of your rental if threatening weather is present or approaching. 


Q: Do I need an attendant?


A: There should ALWAYS be an adult supervising any inflatable. The most important duties of an attendant are limiting the number of children in or on the inflatable at one time, making sure that the children are all of similar size and controlling the behavior of all participants.  If you need to hire an attendant contact us.   


Q: What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my reservation?


A: If you need to cancel please review our Cancellation Policies page here.   If you need to reschedule your reservation we will work with you to choose another day. Simply give us a call or send us an email. We do request that you provide us with as much advance notice as possible. 


Q: Are we responsible for the unit if it gets a tear or damaged in any way?


A: Yes and no.  You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units.  Seams may develop tears in high traffic areas over a period of time.  If this happens please alert us at once so we can remedy the situation.  If however, damage occurs due to failure to follow our safety rules or negligence (i.e. a user cuts the vinyl or failing to turn off the blower in high winds) you will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the unit/blower etc. which can cost thousands of dollars.  We don´t want you or us to be in that situation which is why we have you sign and initial on all of our safety rules so that you can be the trained operator.


Q: Are there any cleaning fees?


A: Hopefully not! We expect to receive our inflatables back in a fairly clean condition. We realize that children in and out of it all day can allow grass and other small debris to enter by means of their feet/socks. We will not charge for cleaning small incidental items like grass, leaves and hair. However, any food, gum, beverages, water/moisture (unless rented for wet use), mud or excessive grass or leaves inside the unit will result in a minimum $50.00+ clean-up fee. The inflatable will be inspected before it is packed up at your location unless it is turned off prior to our driver's arrival.  In these cases the unit will be inspected the next time it is inflated.  Bounce Bounce reserves the right to retroactively apply cleaning charges if the unit is found to be in violation of our cleanliness polices the next time it is setup.   


Q: What are the rules when using a bounce house or inflatable?


A: Before your rental date you will receive our full guidelines for safe operation.  But generally speaking, no food or drink, no shoes, no sharp objects, no visible metal zippers, no medical conditions including pregnancy, no wresting/roughhousing, no hanging on the netting, no flips, NO SILLY STRING and NO SAND. If you're unsure about any aspects of using the inflatable, please ask.  Our drivers will happily provide a safety overview at delivery upon request.  


Q: What methods of payment do you accept for rental items?


A: We accept credit cards for deposits and for payment prior to your event.  The entire balance must be paid with a credit card in by the time of delivery.


Q: What time will the rental equipment be picked up?


A: The pickup window begins at your end time and may extend until 9pm.  If you do need the equipment picked up before a certain time, please advise us when you make your reservation.


Q: When do I have to pay for the rental of the equipment?


A: Payment is due in full on delivery of the rental equipment. 


Q: Will the bounce house damage my lawn?


A: A one or two day rental of a bounce house will not damage the grass. Please DO NOT cut your grass a minimum of 2 days before your event. You may be responsible for a cleaning fee if excessive grass clippings are in the inflatable at pickup.


Q: Can I have the bounce house setup inside?


A: Yes, provided there is enough side and ceiling clearance for the bounce house. Gyms, large halls, or auditoriums work best for setting up a bounce house indoors.  Generally, residential homes do not have sufficient space for commercial inflatables.  


 Q: Are Bounce houses safe?


A: Yes, if they're used properly. Our own children use these units and safety is our highest priority. Our Bounce Houses are constructed to be as safe as possible. As with any activity involving small children, an adult should always supervise the activity. This will help to ensure that the few simple rules continue to be followed and that someone is always there to assist children entering and exiting the Bounce House. All our Bounce houses have finger-safe netting on all four sides to allow for great visibility and air circulation.  The bounce house is always either staked into the ground or secured with heavy sandbags. All our units' entrances have an elastic netting to hold the little ones in and emergency exits in the roof--just in case the unit deflates with little ones still inside.  

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