Our goal is to keep you safe! Adult supervision is required and necessary at ALL times. As the lessee, the safety of children in the Soft Play Yard is your responsibility. Please position yourself in close proximity of the yard at all times. As the lessee of the unit, you are also responsible for the complete safety and security of the Soft Play Yard. 


1. Do not remove the Soft Play Yard from its original position.
2. Make no alterations or attachments to the unit at all, including banners, signs, decorations, balloons, etc. Please do not add any hard or sharp toys onto the soft play mats.

3. The maximum number of children allowed in the standard 8x8 Soft Play Yard is 6 children. 

4. All persons must remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, belt buckles, and anything else that may harm the Soft Play Yard and its items.

5. The Soft Play Yard is designed for children 0-3. Please do not allow children older than 3 in the Soft Play Yard. Adults are welcome to sit within the Soft Play Yard to supervise.

6. Please be sure to remove shoes and any sharp objects. 

7. Please do not allow the children to climb on the gates. It is recommended that all climbing blocks be positioned in the middle of the Soft Play Yard so children are unable to climb over or hold onto the gate.

8. NO SILLY STRING in or around the Soft Play Yard.

9. No pets, animals, confetti, candy, food, drink, or gum inside or near (within 10 feet) the Soft Play Yard. Cleaning charges of $50.00+ to clean food/drink residue or garbage from the Soft Play Yard may apply. 

10. No smoking, matches, tiki torches, or fireworks. Anything hot or on fire should not be used in or around the Soft Play Yard.

11. If outdoors, use caution in direct sunlight. It is always recommended to set up the Soft Play Yard in a shaded location or under a canopy. The mats and soft play toys become very hot in the direct sunlight.  If a shaded location is not available, a canopy is highly recommended to shade and protect the area.


To OPEN the door, slide and keep holding the top latch in the pulled-back position. Lift the door up and over the threshold, then open it out. To CLOSE the door, slide and keep holding the top latch in the pulled-back position. Lift the door up over the threshold. Engage the door in the frame catch. Set the door down in the threshold and release the latch. TO LOCK the door, move the center lock down to the locked position.
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